In case you are looking for instant fund transfer then Xpress Money service is the one to consider. This service helps in transferring money over 170,000 agent locations, and will be covering a whole lot of 150 countries, or more worldwide. As the fees are getting as low as AED25 and with no such back-end charges, funds can always be transferred to over 32 international currencies. The entire method is a bit simple and comes handy in affordable process.

Xpress Money comprises of some unique features, which are hard for you to resist. A unique feature over here is likely to be the service associated with telephonic notification system. This helps in providing SMS notifications to both the remitter and beneficiary, when the funds are likely to be transferred or can further be received.

Get down to the features:

It is always mandatory for you to give us a call, if you rather want to learn more about money transfer options, along with detailed information on Xpress Money. But first, let’s just run down a bit more and learn about the unique features, which this service holds. That will help you to know if you want this service under your belt or not.

    Enjoy unique 16 digit code, which is also defined as XPIN for additional security. XPIN stands for Xpress Personal Identification Number.

    Sender is set to receive SMS alert, which will further help in avoiding any costly follow-ups over here.

    Enjoy simple encashment through this service, designed mostly for the beneficiaries.

    You can further procure live updates of the transaction status set to be working online as and when the payment is done

   Even if you want to cancel the service, you are free from paying any cancellation charges over here

   Enjoy telephonic notification, which is to be to send to receiver at some selected locations.