Life takes its own course at every junction and this is the primary essence that Sahil Sagar Services believes and designs the best travel abroad insurance policies for the clients. Due to the uncertainties of life that loom large during travel you may have to face the greatest disaster without a protection which is the insurance policy that you need to acquire before traveling to a destination. You need to make your travel safe and free from obstacles that you might incur during the journey or to a foreign location. Moreover, the law of every country is different and if you face trouble due to ill health or loss of money and not familiar with the circumstances that you might face the travel insurance policy that you own comes to help. If you are keen to stay protected from the unseen circumstances you must grab the travel insurance policy we offer to the clients.

Features of the policy

     For dealing with medical emergencies abroad

     Theft or loss of baggage

      Paying allowance to the hospital for medical treatment

      Distress that you might face due to hijack

      Compensation for legal liabilities abroad

      Financial compensation for emergencies

      Money to be paid for loss of documents

      Coverage for cancellation of trip or allowance for interruption during trip

      Returning to the country

      Accidents in a foreign country

Knowing the policy

The travel insurance policy that we offer at Sahil Sagar Services are compliant with several features and they are all encompassing which meets the requirements of the clients who need protection to travel to a foreign location. When you travel abroad you need to have full compensation as unfortunate incidents can occur on the way or you may have to face trouble on reaching the destination. To avoid these anomalies we offer insurance policies to the clients at affordable rates and you can discuss with the executives to know about the policies in detail.