Whenever you have made plans to transfer money from anywhere and in any part of the world, Western Union is the one to consider. This platform is the fastest, safest, easiest and legal way to cover this monetary transferring routine. Money Transfer through this platform is completely legal and furthermore, authorized by RBI or the Reserve Bank of India. It follows the set Money Transfer Service Scheme or MTSS guidelines.

We are currently well-aware of the accuracy, speed and reliability and the importance these features hold in terms of money transfer. Therefore, we, at Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange, have joined hands with Western Union with the main aim of helping businesses compete under global front. For that, we are able to present you with deep expertise in foreign exchange and international payment solutions.

Reasons to opt for Western Union:

There are some mandatory notes to rely on Western Union for money transferring help. Make sure to log online to learn the reasons well and get to some results.

Easy: The entire process of money transfer seems to be an easy one. All the sender needs to do is visit to the nearby Western Union location and then deposit the money. After that, they need to fill up the said “To Send Money Form” and pay the allotted charges. For the next step, they are going to receive a MTCN 10-digit, also known as Money Transfer Control Number.

Safe: Each monetary transaction under Western Union comes handy with world class based security systems. It is remitted electronically and then it is paid out after verifying the said credentials of the chosen receiver.

Legal: Western Union follows the legal methods, as procured from RBI, while receiving money in India. That helps in addressing the money transferring needs at its best within the available set ratios.


   Send side:

     At first, the sender needs to visit the agent</br>

     After that, the person has to fill out the green color “Send Money Form”

     Later, he or she is asked to pay the charges and principal amount

     That will cover the transaction and it will be send

     The sender, on the other hand, will receive a receipt with the money transfer code number

     It is now time for the sender to inform receiver about that MTCN number
   Receiver side:

    It is time for the receiver to visit his or her agent

    There, the person needs to fill the receiver Money form under the name TRM

    Later, the receiver has to show a valid ID card as a proof

    Then the transaction is going to be verified

    Later, the receiver is going to receive money and the receipt, after completion of the verification process