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There are times, when you have thought of conducting dispositions or acquisitions of property in a foreign land, or have thought of taking proper care of daily finances like property maintenance or mortgage payments. If you are in need of some help with any of these services, then we are always there to help you save on exchanges made.

Thanks to our total understanding of the exchange rate fluctuations and international currency transactions, we are able to offer complete help, right from the first till last. We would request you to trust us, at Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange, and take proper care of transfer aspects and currency exchange of your present real estate transactions.


Just to offer you with a personalized user experience, we will use and collect all your personal information. We might pass the said information only after receiving green signals from your side.



In this current venture of real estate wealth, there are multiple strategies, which will play some pivotal roles. Investors can flip properties by investing in a house, and there are some more for you to consider. If you want help with these services, make sure to give us a call.



The entire method of leasing is calculated only around the two rent calculation methods. Those two methods are gross and net. With us by your side, you can come to learn more about the leasing methods and ways to use it in your favor.



Renting is an age old process, followed by owner, by helping out those in need of a place to stay. The tenant, as the other person is known as, is going to pay a selected amount of money on a monthly basis as rent for using the owner’s place.



One of the oldest and simplest forms of investing is always investing in real estate. This is an age old process, and with growing time, this process has turned out to be a favorable option among people.


Home loan:

Whether you are planning to purchase a flat or house, it becomes hard to make the entire payment from your pocket. You need to take a home loan for such purchase. You can take it when you tried to purchase a plot of land for later constructions of your dream place.



Also known as Loan Against Property, LAP helps you to procure the capital, depending on the property’s real time value. To read more and lean everything about this loan, stick to Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange page.


Fund management:

This management is a process of implementing any investment strategy and managing the portfolio trading activities well.