To seek medical treatment from healthcare facilities you may have to spend substantial amount every year or even less than that for which Sahil Sagar Services offers an array of policies depending on the health condition of the clients. Even though it might not cover every cost of hospitalization and treatment you need to get and the exclusions are to be studied carefully in the beginning, the advantages are many as you may not have the amount at home when you need treatment for emergency medical conditions.  The mediclaim insurance policy which is offers by us include the best coverage plans for the clients and allow them get the advantages of medical treatment for emergency or other disease.

Exclusions in the policy

       Service and administrative charges along with the cost of syringes, diapers and toiletries

      Plastic and cosmetic surgery such as circumcision

       Dental treatment except for loss of teeth during accident

       Vaccination and STD such as HIV

       Malfunction in health that result from using nuclear weapons and the health damages caused due to war

       Vaccinations for children and adult

       Medical treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction or smoking

       Contracting a disease within a time after procuring the policy

Features of the policy

      Policy is available for group of people in a family or individual

      Coverage for preexisting diseases after a gal of about three to five years

       You can buy the policy online without going into the hassles of documentation

       You can get coverage for about fifty lakhs but the offering comes after the team of executives goes through your documents.

       You can change the name of the policy holder during the time of renewal.

Knowing the policy

Even though you may have learnt about the mediclaim insurance plan which is offered by Sahil Sagar Services our experts will show you the right direction and help you understand the relevant details.