With the international calling cards we offer at Sahil Sagar Services you get the world of opportunities to call in the foreign locations at incredibly low rates. There is an array of calling cards that you will come across and you can choose from the options which are suitable. Remembering the loved one staying abroad is the best you can do is to call them but the rates of calling might rip you off if you are not aware. Gone are the days of the agony that you faced for calling people in foreign locations as our calling cards bring the necessary respite.

Prepaid International Calling Cards

You can pay the amount to use this card for customized calling and the method is easy as all that you need to do is to dial the access and the PIN number and then the number of the destination before speaking to your loved one. The card can be used conveniently from home or work place.

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Postpaid International Calling Cards

With this facility you do not need to buy new cards frequently but use it to call in international locations. What’s more you will enjoy consistent services with no disturbances in the calls that you make. No matter what the time is and when you like to talk to someone abroad we offer this card as a postpaid facility which allows you continue the communication without any interruption. You can stay connected with the rest of the world due to the facility you get through this card.

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Worldwide Calling Cards

Phone cards have emerged as the latest alternative which allows you speak with the people across the globe and this is the services you can get from worldwide cards that are available with exclusive features.

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Mobile Calling Cards

It is one of the most popular cards which we offer to the clients through which you can make calls from your mobile and phone whether domestic or international. All that you need to do is to dial the access number and you can call in the destination you want. No matter if you want to call from office or home the facilities that are offered by this cards offers you the benefit of staying connected with the loved one.

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India Calling Cards

Even though you may be living abroad for a long time calling the dear ones back home makes you overwhelmed with joy and using India Calling Card that we offer is the most viable option.

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