Insurance is the guarantee undertaken by a company to compensate for financial loss due to illness, accident, damage or varied reasons. Sahil Sagar Services offers an array of insurance policies for the clients and provides protection against the possible eventualities of life. Whether you travel to a destination abroad or need protection for your home or vehicle and want financial compensation to meet the cost of medical expenses we are here to serve the clients

Travel Insurance

With the travel insurance policy which is offered by Sahil Sagar Services you will get the opportunity to enjoy a trip without worrying about safety and protection against unforeseen incidents. The travel insurance services of this company make every trip fulfilling when you plan a trip to your favorite destination.

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Travel Abroad Insurance

While traveling abroad procuring a health insurance is imperative and Sahil Sagar Services offers the best policies for every trip. Our policies are designed and developed according to the requirements of the clients and we are happy to serve people with the best travel insurance policies abroad which protect you against all the possibilities that cause financial loss or leads to health damage.

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Car Insurance

If you have a vehicle you will need to protect it from damage but if life’s eventualities has something else in store for you the damage and the loss that you suffer may be irreparable. For the compensation that you need to get when your vehicle meets an accident remember us at Sahil Sagar Services which offers car insurance policies which protects against the losses that the vehicle may incur. Our policies are affordable and we offer the best according to the requirements of the clients.

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Home Insurance

Home is where the heart is as the old adage says is true but you need to keep in mind that your dream home is susceptible to damages due to natural calamity or other reasons. When you need a policy to compensate for damage incurred Sahil Sagar Services offers you incredibly good foreign Exchange home insurance policies which provide maximum protection to your home. Moreover, you can acquire the policy online without getting into any hassles.

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Home Loan Protection Insurance

Home loans have become very popular and all the prospective homeowners secure loan to buy their dream homes. However, the unfortunate can happen any time as the individual availing the loan may not live to repay the debt and the onus has to be borne by someone else in the family. To compensate for this loss, Sahil Sagar Services is right here to offer this policy which allows you pay the outstanding amount in the absence of loan bearer. It offers a protection to the home loan that you have secured and you can grab it for future requirements.

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Mediclaim Insurance

With the help of this insurance policy you get compensation for medical treatment in a healthcare facility. Sahil Sagar Services offers mediclaim health insurance to people who need it to get compensation for treatment.

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