You will never realize that calling in India is easy and flexible till you get India Calling Card which lets you enjoy talking to your folks living in this part of the world. Using this card you can talk through Google or Skype as well along with mobile and LAN phone. It is hard to believe how technology has changed communication during the recent years and the calling card is one of the examples. Do you want to join your friends in India and talk to them or the much wanted wedding of your cousin makes you gloomy but there is nothing to worry as you can talk with the help of calling card which can be used to call in India anytime. No longer do you need to brood over not being able to talk to people and if you have close connections with the relatives living in India, the urge to talk is only normal. Our services are specially designed with features which help you facilitate the process of making calls and you can talk without snapping the connections fearing that the bills may go up with every call you make.

Features of the card

The features of India calling card are amazing and you can choose the tariff plans according to your choice.

      Different options of calling your family and friends

      You can dial with or without the PIN

      The card can be recharged once you have exhausted the calling limits

      Some of the calling cards have speed dialing facility

      Consumers can call from any location to talk to the dear ones in India

Getting the card

The India calling card which comes from Sahil Sagar Services allows you communicate with the people in India whether for business or personal reasons. The card comes with a number of features which makes it one of the most convenient options for all the Indian people living abroad and are keen to talk to the people in his country.