ICICI BANK Prepaid Forex Travel

Right now, ICICI Bank is all set to present you with Multicurrency platinum travel card, which has been proven to be a great friend for maximum people, willing to travel across multiple nations and countries. If you are here for a vacation and looking for a perfect travel companion for the abroad trip you are just about to make, then this Prepaid Forex Travel card from ICICI Bank is what you need to be aware of. This card is designed to mainly act as a secured for of international payment tool. It comes handy with so many powerful benefits, which are hard to miss out on.

Benefits and features to work on:

As mentioned already, the ICICI BANK Prepaid Forex Travel comes handy with so many handy features. Once you are though with the given features, you will come to learn the reasons behind its growing importance. To learn more about that, make sure to go through this page well.

     This card is really very easy to use without going through any banking jargons at all.

     It comes handy with superior version of security, through the 3D secure. It follows the CHIP and PIN technology for your help.

     With the help of this card, you get the chance to buy and further reload online using the iMobile app or the Forex@Click option.

    Whenever you need, you have 24 x 7 online services available. All you have to do is log online and click on the “Self Care Portal” for getting your queries answered.

    You are always down for some exciting discounts and offers at some of your favorite destinations. These offers are rather flexible and subject to change without any prior notice.

    You are about to procure free replacement card once you have purchased the kit. Sometimes, you might lose your card. You do not have to worry, as you can block it already and use the kit for further transactions.

    You can procure wallet to wallet based transfer with the help of this multicurrency travel card.

    With the travel card from ICICI Bank, you can always enjoy free comprehensive form of travel insurance