Foreign Remittance

There are multiple reasons to harp on Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange when it is about Foreign Remittance. We have already made arrangements for the remittances to the oversea based locations, through some of the reliable banking sectors. Our team holds the specialization in providing money for the tour operators and students out there. We are further able to organize promising remittance for the current family maintenance based requirements with the current referral arrangements through some banks and financial institutions.

From us, you are likely to receive top-notch quality services only. Let’s get into the details to learn more about the values now:

Family maintenance:

Ensure to procure our help for sending money by Indian to the relatives, residing abroad.

NRE or NRO repatriation:

We are helping you by sending money from the NRE or NRO account of any NRI. Furthermore, we are able to present remittances permissible for the foreigners as well. For that, we are in need of some documents, as listed.

  The forms 15CB and 15 CA, as mentioned under IT Act

  NRO repatriation

  NRE repatriation with no limit mentioned in this said category

  Copy of the remitter’s passport with a month’s bank statement and visa

Salary remittance:

Companies now have the right to send salaries to the employees working abroad, through a safe payment module with us by their sides. For that, you need to present some important documents.

     KYC documents of the corporate or company

     Declaration on the tax deduction and salary with details of the staff

     It is mandatory for the payments to come right from the Indian company’s account and will go straight to the staff’s account, situated abroad.

NRE Quote admission:

Our team is able to help those students in India, willing to join an Indian University or College under the current NRE quota admission. Here, it is mandatory for the NRI to sponsor the student, which can be either parents or any relatives. Your parents have the right to send you money on a regular basis from any of our Forex branch. Here, the services are available at the most affordable rates. We will ensure that the money reaches you destination as fast as possible in the most convenient manner.

    It is mandatory for you to present KYC documents of student along with that of the NRI sponsor.

    Furthermore, you have to present A2 form or the application form along with letter from the college with said fees details.

    It is mandatory to note that the fund must come from NRE account only of the sponsor. That will help us to issue TT or FCDD right under the name of the Indian College or University or other educational institutions.