Foreign Bank Deposits

You never know when the time will come and you have to take help of Foreign Currency Deposit. Actually, there are so many reasons to harp on this service. Whether you are planning to go for any investment opportunity or just trying to find your child’s education overseas, you are in dire need of foreign currency deposit. Moreover, you need the same service for international business venture or if you are trying to earn a reliable income in any foreign currency. No matter whatever the reason is, it is mandatory to get hooked up with the best foreign bank deposit account from our side. You have all the right to invest in either one or both of the said services:

Fixed deposit account of foreign currency: It will help you to get some attractive interest rates with a tenure choice of 1 week to 12 months. You are further eligible for PIDM protection.

Savings account under foreign currency rule: This segment is here to offer you with the flexibility to access fund

Benefits to check in with Foreign Bank Deposits:

It is rather mandatory to learn more about the benefits we have in store, under our foreign bank deposit sector for better selection.

Here, you get the opportunity to save more with the help of preferential rates

You are likely to get some leverage on the chosen preferential exchange rates from our side at Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange

We are able to offer you with higher flexibility as another interesting benefit to withstand

Enjoy more possibilities with our Foreign Bank deposit along with more opportunities to be sure

Convenience is at its best with Foreign Bank deposit from our side

s anytime you want as you are free from the lock-in period. Even here, you are eligible for the PIDM protection.