Cash Vs. Cards

Now, there is an age long debate on which one is better; cash or card. It solely depends on each person and his or her mentality. For some, green cash is always beneficial than cards. Whereas, you might come across people for whom, carrying card seems to be way easier than a bulk wallet. It is just the way you think the result will turn out to be, and can make way for the right solution.


Cash can always be stated as a method, which can be kept safe only if we tend to do so. It solely depends on how safely we get to handle it. On the other hand, travelers planning for a trip with too much cash are the best targets for the thieves aboard. There are some reasons to avoid carrying cash when you are planning for a trip abroad. Once stolen, you won’t get any chance to revive the amount already gone. Your stolen money is not likely to stay protected. It is as good as it is gone.

Cash can be defined as the universal means of payment acceptance and it might differ from one counter to another and in form of multiple currencies. So, the tedious job of carrying various currencies as cash and ensure that they don’t get mixed up is not quite what you want. Moreover, you have to pick the current currency for making payment, which is another hassle.


Well, cards are always better than cash and comprise of better exchange rates. For the same money involved, you get the chance to buy more foreign currency though the Forex card than any other foreign currency. Cards are associated with chip and the pin technology, which will work as safety features. As you are traveling to multiple countries, you need prepaid travel card for loading multiple currencies under one platform. During loss of card or theft, you can always block the card and transfer funds to new placed card. This replacement card comes with backup with your chosen forex card kit.